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At Spa Le paris we offer the best services. Spa le Paris is a place of relaxation. Pamper your skin & feel luxury. Our range of services helps you to improve the texture of your skin as well as benefits you with better mental health. Our treatments help you De-stress,help with anti-ageing , improves your sleep cycle by improving the quality of your sleep, and helps in weight, improves your blood flow circulation, reduces the frequency of headaches, provides radiant skin, hydrates your skin, & makes it healthy and smooth like never before.

Foot Reflexology

Feet are the least pampered part of our body, in spite of the fact that they bear the whole body weight & do a lot of work. Pamper your feet to make them strong & relaxed with a perfect foot reflexology at Spa Le Paris. Reflexology is a therapy that helps your feet relax, gentle pressure put on specific points to help your body work better. Reflexology therapy helps in improving blood circulation, Promotes better sleep, Relieves body pains, Improves mood and fights depression, Makes feet healthier, & also Helps in relaxation. It's time to pamper your feet & make yourself feel better. Try Foot Reflexology to feel less stress & more relaxed.

Back Therapy

If you have a pain in your back while doing some physical activity and also while doing restful activities like sleeping, or hanging out on the couch, then back therapy works best for your pain relief. Back Therapy is a method to reduce your back pain. Back therapy helps in reducing the pain, eliminates the need for surgery, Reduces the risk of further injury, and improves your balance. By following this treatment plan, you'll see that active recuperation can decrease or thoroughly dispose of your back aggravation.

Head, Neck & Shoulders massage

Neck and shoulder pain has become to a greater extent an issue somewhat recently. The vast majority experience it while working, driving, practicing or dozing. It can show up continuously by the development of pressure in the delicate tissues or as a consequence of a physical issue, for example, post-accident whiplash or a muscle pull during your exercise. Head, Neck & shoulder massage can do more than just relaxing. The massage helps you reduce muscular tension and ease day-to-day stress. Head & shoulder massage targets all the points that you hold the most pressure on. It utilizes delicate back rub strokes on these parts to invigorate the nerves, extricate up close muscles, loosen up shallow tissues, and eliminate pressure both genuinely and actually.